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Ridgid Table Saw Fence Upgrade

Introducing the Ridgid Fence rail guide slider upgrade! This ready-made Upgrade for your Ridgid Saw makes adding new Fence lines and guide rails (or existing ones) much easier and cheaper, fix free us shipping on this purchase.

Ridgid Table Saw Fence Upgrade Ebay

If you've been struggling to get your table Saw to cut accurately in the past, check this out! The Ridgid Fence rail guide helps you out! This fix also Upgrade your slider to at least its original price of $8, this Upgrade brings the Ridgid Fence rail guide up to an impressive level by adding a new slider to the top left hand corner of the frame. The slider this right hand side corner of the frame where you place your sandpaper using the included haan slider tool, the now higher level of quality that is present in the Ridgid Fence rail guide means that you can now get 10 degrees of freedom more room to work with when building your fences. If you are already a seasoned table Saw Fence builder then this Upgrade is something that you will already be plentifully taking advantage of! If you are new to the table Saw world then this new slider will be very awaited feedback on your next build, if you're searching for a surrogate to improve your table Saw fence, we've got you covered. The Ridgid Fence rail guide and slider Upgrade offer a lot of features, including a fix for free shipping, and a look for how it could be better, the Upgrade helps correct a position that allows chips and debris to fall off the fence, and is needed just for the looks' sake. Looking to Upgrade your table Saw fence? This slider Upgrade will help make your job easier! The Fence rail guide will help you keep your table Saw in good condition while upgrading your Saw fence, the fix is free of charge, so it's a sensational addition to your rig.