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Overarm Table Saw Guard

Our Overarm table Saw Guard is a valuable alternative to protect your table from your saw, it is an essential part of the protection plan for your business, and this Guard will keep your table Saw from cutting too close to your fence. The Guard is fabricated of durable materials to protect your table Saw and is an unrivaled addition to your store.

Universal Table Saw Guard

This universal table Saw Guard is manufactured of durable plastic and is designed to protect your arm while you're in the saw, the Guard is essential for protection against attempted cuts or dictionary terms between your arm and blade. This Guard is manufactured of hard anodized aluminum and it is attached to the t-bar of the Overarm blade of a table saw, it is a beneficial protection for the blade and is further effective in case of error while cutting. The Guard imparts design that allows the player to control the Overarm and that also makes it facile to move, the Guard needless to say, the grizzly industrial t-square Overarm blade Guard is first-rate for table saws. This Guard is designed to protect your Overarm blade while you're cuttling with a table saw, it includes a tough, sleek design with a heat-resistant adhesive-sealing system. The Guard also features a built-in stop checker, so you can always ensure that your blade is locked in while you cut, this Overarm Guard is fabricated of durable stainless steel and is a top-of-the-heap substitute to protect your table Saw from injury. It is an effective alternative to keep the table clean and free of cuts, and is furthermore straightforward to adjust.