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Feed Roller For Table Saw

This terrific Feed Roller For the table Saw is designed to feeds lumber into the workbench or entryway with ease, it is likewise four speeds to keep the work moving at a faster pace.

Cheap Feed Roller For Table Saw

This Feed Roller is unrivalled For feeding lumber into the table saw, and ensuring that the lumber is during production, it is manufactured of sturdy materials and presents a low-clearance system so that it can't get caught in the machinery. The table Saw will be able to move more lumber easily and quickly, it can handle 4 wood panels at a time and features an 4 speed woodworking stock feed. Or cut steel pieces into the saw, it provides an 4-speed setting and a low end speed of 8 mph. The Feed Roller is moreover reversible, so you can set it to Feed plywood or lumber, this Roller is a peerless way For enthusiasts wanting to lumber to the table Saw quickly. Or making small adjustments to the saw, the Roller is manufactured of durable materials and effortless to operate. The table Saw can now be your own source of lumber For your work.